How does Laser Stone Surgery Work

Book your appointment now with our doctor who provides best Laser Treatment For Kidney Stones in Andheri. There are no bodily incisions needed for this minimally invasive procedure. A tiny, illuminated device is inserted into your bladder and urethra to reach your kidney and ureter after you've fallen asleep. Once the kidney stone is identified, it is broken up using a laser fibre that transmits holmium energy. Smaller bits can be passed later by urinating, but the surgeon removes larger pieces by passing a small basket through the urethra. A powerful holmium laser with high-frequency emissions that "dust" the stones into a fine powder is another tool the surgeon might employ. After surgery, you can then pass the small particles in your urine.

Precautions After Surgery?

Postoperative discomfort may be mild for the patient. The patient may also experience frequent urination or the need to urinate. The doctor will prescribe drugs to relieve bladder spasms and burning when urinating, as well as antibiotics to prevent infection and painkillers. This drug should be taken by the patient. Therefore get in touch with us because we have the best Laser Treatment For Kidney Stones in Andheri. In order to lubricate the stent and facilitate the passage of any little stones out of the kidney, the patient is also recommended to drink lots of water. Moreover, hold off on doing intense exercise until the stent is taken out. The doctor will also give you advice on how to avoid kidney stones in the future, such as changing your diet or using prescription drugs or supplements.


  • Requires no open surgery.
  • The best course of action for malrotated kidneys and kidneys with horseshoe kidneys that have trouble obtaining stones.
  • Has a 99% success rate in treating stones from any site in the kidney or ureter.
  • Able to handle up to 3 cm stones.
  • Only one day spent in the hospital.
  • Can return to regular work after four days.
  • The ideal choice for bleeding diathesis.
  • Ideal choice for tough stones.
  • Best choice for lower calyx stones that are highly reliant. Ideal choice in circumstances where ESWL fails.
  • The best choice for residual stones after PCNL.

  • Conclusion :

    URS is a successful and safe treatment for the majority of kidney stones. It is a minimally invasive technique that promotes speedy healing. Patients with URS typically have significant pain alleviation and return to their regular activities within a few days. We have the top Laser Treatment For Kidney Stones in Andheri.

    URS is superior to alternative kidney stone treatments in the following ways, in addition to the benefits already mentioned:

  • - It works well on stones of various shapes, sizes, and compositions.
  • - Multiple stones can be treated with it in a single session.
  • - atients with blood thinners or those with other medical issues can safely use it.
  • - Its success rate is high and its rate of complications is minimal.