Fact Vs. Myth: Does Beer Help Patients with Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are calcium or uric acid crystal deposits that vary in size and form in the kidney. Let's examine the facts and dispel the myths about the usage of beer to treat kidney stones.

Is it possible for beer to cause kidney stones?

Although no direct link has been proven between kidney stones and alcohol, there may be indirect consequences.

It may lead to:-

Extended beer consumption can lead to dehydration, increasing the risk of kidney stones.


Beer or for that matter any alcohol has no nutritional value. It's also called an "empty calorie" drink. Consuming non-nutritional empty calorie drinks may make you gain weight and prone to obesity. Obesity (being overweight) is another risk factor for kidney stones.

Uric acid

Beer contains high amounts of purines and this chemical compound can make you prone to the formation of uric acid stones in your kidneys. Long-term beer consumption can also result in excessive oxalates (a component of kidney stones).

As things stand, there is no clear link between drinking and kidney stones. Some characteristics of excessive alcohol use, on the other hand, might readily contribute to the production of kidney stones. Alcoholism may have a negative impact on both the body and the psyche over time through kidney stones, mental health issues, financial difficulties, and other undesirable consequences.

While kidney stones may run in families, there are steps you may do to lessen your risk. The objective of preventing kidney stones is to keep hydrated and drink enough water every day. Moreover, eating greens and fruit can lower your risk while regulating your body's acid levels.

Myth: Does Beer Aid in the Removal of Kidney Stones?

Yeah, beer is a diuretic, and it aids in the passage of more urine, therefore excreting small stones. But here's the catch: Nevertheless, because the exit channel is only around 4 mm in diameter, stones larger than 5 -6 mm cannot be evacuated out of the body in this manner.

If you drink beer when in discomfort or unable to pass pee, it might make your situation worse since the alcohol produces more urine that you cannot expel, making it more painful. So going by the theory of stone expulsion with hydrotherapy (forced diuresis with IV fluids or oral fluids) the wiser thing is to drink an adequate amount of oral fluid that is sufficient enough to flush the tiny stone out without harming your body and also save money spent on your beer.

Dr Shyam Varma is a Consultant Laparoscopic/ Robotic Urologist & Renal Transplant Surgeon. He has over 15 years of experience in successfully treating complex urological diseases. His expertise includes diagnosing & treating Kidney stones, prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer & incontinence, male infertility & erectile dysfunction.