Kidney cancer is a common type of cancer among older adults. Often the disease does not show any early signs & symptoms. But the sooner this disease is diagnosed, the better the prognosis. If it spreads beyond the kidneys, treating it may become more difficult.

The outlook of kidney cancer differs from patient to patient and may depend on factors such as:

  • Patient's Age
  • Patient's general health condition
  • Family history
  • Whether it is a first diagnosis or a recurrence
  • Type of kidney cancer
  • Patient's response to treatment
Managing Kidney Cancer:

While some kidney cancer patients will have complete remission, it may not be possible in all cases.

Here are a few expert tips from Advanced Laparoscopic Urologist, Andrologist & Renal Transplant Surgeon, Dr Shyam Varma that can help you manage kidney cancer more effectively:

Eat Healthy:

A good nutrition plan is crucial for kidney cancer patients to maintain strength, prevent break down of tissues, promote regeneration of tissues & prevent infection.

Dietary & nutritional needs may change for kidney cancer patients depending on :

  • Stage of cancer
  • Type of treatment
  • Patient's response to treatment
  • Other co-morbidities

Speak to your urologist to get the right advise on foods that help improve your condition.

Cut down chances of Infection

The risk of infection is high in cancer patients as the disease suppresses body's immune system. Follow these simple precautions to lower the risk of infection

  • Wash hands frequently & thoroughly
  • Avoid crowded areas
  • Avoid touching eyes, mouth or nose after touching surfaces or objects
  • Disinfect surfaces & objects often
Bid Adieu to Tobacco

Smoking brings toxic chemicals into the body. Kidney has to filter these toxins out of blood to keep the body healthy. This reduces the efficiency of the kidneys. In cancer patients, it seriously hampers the chances of recovery.

Exercise is key

Cancer takes a huge toll on one's physical & emotional health. Exercise can help you withstand these physical & mental stressors while improving the immune system, boosting energy levels, promoting overall fitness & improving general emotional outlook.

Get Support

Surviving diseases like cancer requires the patient to be emotionally strong. Take care of your emotional health. Keep in touch with loved ones. Share your feelings with your family. Speak to them about how they can help you get better. If you feel psychologically overwhelmed, seek professional help.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Cancer patients may consider complementary & alternative treatments to help manage side effects such as nausea, pain & fatigue , to deal with physical & emotional stress. Some of these practices include meditation, yoga, visualisation or creative outlets like dance, music or art.

Living a serious illness such as kidney cancer is not easy. People diagnosed with kidney cancer & their care givers face many challenges during the course of treatment. Coping with it becomes easier when you learn more about the disease & treatment approach suggested by your doctor & seek support from friends & family to cope with it.