What is the UroLift System?

Therapy with the UroLift System is often a one-stop solution, a daycare to the one-day procedure that gives quick relief and recovery from prostate enlargement symptoms. It can stop the requirement of drugs and how they make a person feel, all without the dangers of more intrusive surgery. The UroLift System helps early recovery from your prostate enlargement symptoms thus helping you get back to your life and continue your day-to-day activities. Compared to medications, the UroLift System therapy significantly improved patients' quality of life.

The UroLift System differs from other current modalities in that it is the only prostate treatment that has been found not to produce any new or persistent erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction while still being a safe and effective therapy for lower urinary tract symptoms caused by BPH.

Why should I opt for the UroLift System?

The UroLift System treats BPH in a novel way by lifting and holding the enlarged prostate tissue such that it no longer obstructs the urethra. It is the only urologist-assisted BPH therapy that does not include heating, cutting, or removing prostate tissue. General or regional Local anesthetic is often used to conduct the operation. Patients are usually able to return home the same day without the use of a catheter.

Individual outcomes may vary, as with any medical procedure. Mild to moderate adverse effects include urination discomfort or burning, blood in the urine, pelvic pain, an urgent desire to pee, and/or inability to control the urge. The majority of these adverse effects subside after two to four weeks following the surgery.


An enlarged prostate can cause the urethra to constrict or even obstruct.

Step 1: To reach the enlarged prostate, the UroLift Delivery Device is inserted via the blocked urethra.

Step 2: With the device in the prostatic part of the urethra, Implants are surgically implanted to lift and hold the enlarged prostate away, expanding the urethra and making way sufficient enough to pass a good flow of urine.

Step 3: Once the position of the implant is satisfactorily confirmed the UroLift Delivery Device is pulled out, leaving a wide open urethra to pass a good flow of urine.


The UroLift System is recommended in males 45 years of age and older for the treatment of symptoms caused by urine outflow blockage attributable to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), including lateral and median lobe hyperplasia.


The UroLift System should not be used under the following conditions:

  • Prostate size of >100 cc
  • A documented urinary tract infection
  • Urethral disorders like urethral stricture preventing insertion of the device into the urethra
  • Urinary leakage due to incompetent sphincter
  • Moderate to gross hematuria (blood in urine)

Dr Shyam Varma is a Consultant Laparoscopic / Robotic Urologist & Renal Transplant Surgeon. He has over 15 years of experience in successfully treating complex urological diseases. His expertise includes diagnosing & treating Kidney stones, prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer & incontinence, male infertility & erectile dysfunction.